Top 10 Manosphere Posts of the Week (01/16/2014)

Hello again, loyal readers! And welcome back to the first Top 10 Posts list of the year. I enjoyed the long winter break, but it’s about time I got back to business!

Also – if my timing is correct – today should be the day that Return of Kings publishes my first post (I’m writing this ahead of time)! So  if you’re new – welcome, check out the lists, check out the site, and come back for more.

For the new and uninitiated – I always start the top 10 with the hot fitness chick of the week – what can I say, I like fitness chicks, and hot girls are always excellent clickbait. This week’s

  1. Feminism is Fascism by M3. M3 shows us an article that should be called “the definition of irony” and offers a perspective on the twitter “thought police”.
  2. Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union: Living Proof That “Big Man Culture” Is Alive & Well In Black America by JustFourGuys. A followup to another JustFourGuys post I linked to a few weeks ago – this examines how in the black community a dude like Dwyane Wade gets away with stuff a white counterpart wouldn’t dream of. Everyone forgave him at this point.
  3. Women Don’t Get Women by AlphaGameplan. A reply to the very popular cracked article about a woman making, what she calls, “the worst dating profile ever”. AlphaGameplan explains why such behavior isn’t rare, and offers an alternate take on a shitty female dating profile
  4. Gaming Attention Whores by heartiste. I said it before, I’ll say it again, love or hate heartiste, his game posts are insightful. Sure, this is not the kind of woman I’d want to deal with but in this day and age, if you’re not hooking up with an attention whore you’re probably celibate.
  5. Why you shouldn’t give a shit about your conversion rate by LaidNYC. My fellow New Yorker LaidNYC makes his first appearance on the list. People were criticizing another bloggers (Krausers) seemingly low conversion rate, given the fact that he devotes so much of his time to day game. LaidNYC shuts that shit down, because lets face it – how can the hater REALLY stack against Krauser? Also, any conversion rate is better than zero.
  6. Why it’s not useful to be angry at women, brought to you by Buddha himself by the Red Pill subreddit. I like this post because there is a lot of anger in the Manosphere, and I’m not much for anger, so a little directed old school wisdom does everyone good.
  7. As Expected by Dalrock. Dalrock previews “Divorce Corp”, a documentary on the insanity that is divorce and family court, and how it ruins lives. I’m definately watching it. Calling it – early contender for 2014 Documentary Oscar.
  8. The Blue Eyed Girl on the B-Train by the Maverick Traveler. The Maverick Traveler tells a story of how he did what so many people want to do, but few ever do – talk to that mysterious hot girl on the NYC subway. I’ve done it, its nerve racking, and he goes over all the feelings and emotions involved masterfully. Yeah, its an NYC bias, sue me.
  9. The Key Logger review by Matt Forney. Yes, a book review post is my #2. But it’s the first and only book review so far that instantly made me want to go out and get the book. The premise is simple – guy installs key logger on his computer and sees what his ladies write. Needless to say – good girl stereotypes are shattered.
  10. The Growing Epidemic of Sexual Dysfunction Among Women by David on Return of Kings. Guy breaks down the realities of dating women in their 30s vs the TV ideal. The summary says it all “Dry vaginas, barren wombs, empty sex drives: the truth about modern women”. My words can’t do this justice. Go check it out now!

And here you have it! Play us off, tumblr snowflake of the week!

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