The Thirst is Real – The Documentary

Ever since I first heard about this movie from The Quest for 50 – I have been on a mission to show this movie to as many people as possible. If you think women are adorable, faultless angels, please prepare yourself to have your world rocked.

Also, grab a snack, this bad boy is 46 minutes long. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to The Thirst is Real – The Documentary

  1. hggty says:

    I couldn’t even finish it. Fkn disgusting. On both sides, those horrible women and the chumps that fall for it!

  2. riseofman says:

    It’s disgusting but at least we don’t fall for that shit and many more people won’t due to people like us

  3. jose says:

    HOLY CRAP! This really makes me upset! These bitches are crazy! Like Heavy D said! “Got Nothing But Love For YA!

  4. network says:

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