Top 10 Manosphere Posts of the Week (01/30/2014)


Welcome everyone to another edition of the Top 10 Manosphere posts of the week!

First off, I have an announcement – the top 10 list will now be done once every two weeks. Lots of blogs tend to repeat themselves, plus I’ve been excruciatingly busy recently – so coming up with a fresh and interesting list every week is incredibly tough – but two weeks – that’s a perfect amount of time to let ideas flourish. So keep an eye out!

And, if you haven’t heard, I have recently had a post published on Return of Kings, PLUS I did a great interview with Manosphere Radio – so be sure to check those both out when you get the chance. Now – on to the list

  1. What I learned from Writing my first E-Book by Pill Scout. Pill scout shares some of his experiences writing his first ebook, this was especially helpful since I JUST finished the first draft of my long awaited online dating guide.
  2. How many times do men have to be told to not get married in the current environment by Rex Patriarch. If you don’t believe that exes can be vicious, just look at the video included. It’s frightening.
  3. A Woman can not tell you how you must proceed. She can only tell you what she wants to experience from the Red Pill Subreddit. This article serves as a great link between female given dating advice and the truth. And the truth has always been out there, even if it’s hard to see at times. A must read
  4. Solipsistic Motherhood by Alpha is Assumed. A newcomer to the list – Alpha is Assumed shows us what happens when a woman’s desire for a loving family runs counter to her feminist programming. It’s almost a little scary.
  5. Title IX: Making Men out of Our Daughters from The Spearhead. A story about how a pretty good (but not prodigy level) female soccer player is being recruited by colleges before she even enters high school and its relation to Title IX
  6. 3X Sluttier than Grandma by Alpha Game. This one hits home – it shows that young women today have had 3 times as many sexual partners (at least) than their grandparents generation. We all know how sex can warp the brain, so the next time grandma, or anyone else from a previous generation, tries to give you relationship advice – take it with a grain of salt.
  7. The Great Un-Learning from Hawaiian Libertarian. An examination of how society treats men, expectations vs reality, and a truly motivational post on self improvement.
  8. Terminal Beta from Dannyfrom504. I like Danny – he’s open about his identity, his views, his beliefs. Go to his blog, you’ll see his mug plastered all over it. He doesn’t hide his beliefs. And yet, even his influence is not enough to save a successful single friend from entering a potentially destructive relationship. A sad state of affairs indeed.
  9. Why you thought Last Year was a Failure and Why It Wasn’t by Good Looking Loser.  By this point you should be used to seeing GLL on my top 10 list. All I gotta say is this post is motivating as fuck. check it out
  10. How Black American Men Can Broaden Their Romantic Options by Athlone McGinnis on Return Of Kings. On the surface, the manosphere appears to be a “white thing”, but make no mistake – it’s all inclusive, as long as a guy is willing to better himself. In this post Athlone McGuiness discusses something that is seldom talked about – how black men can broaden their romantic options in a culture where hypergamy is most accelerated and rampant. It’s #1 for a reason.

And here we have it! Another list all done, now, am I forgetting something? Oh yeah – the fitness chick of the week is the one and only Tabitha Klausen – she’s fit, shes tall, she’s probably hotter than the last girl we all dated, but hey, it gives us something to look forward to. And, to make you appreciate Ms Klausen more, here is this week’s tumblr snowflake. This is what happens when one tries to mate.


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  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    thanks for the link man.

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