My interview with Peter Phoenix on Manosphere Radio

Hey guys. Want something fun and entertaining to do for about two hours? Want to hear two sexy voices, one of them with a sweet sweet New Zealand accent? Want to learn about online dating, Crossfit and breaking bad habits? Well then, you are in luck.

Yesterday I sat down with Peter Phoenix of Manosphere Radio to talk about these topics and more. On the show you will hear about:

  • My strategy for setting up a good online dating profile and the Dos and Donts of profile pictures and texts (not your granddaddy’s online dating advice)
  • My signature “targeted copy/paste” messaging style, the most effective way that I have found to message girls which will skyrocket your reply rate.
  • Some signature “first dates” that will make you stand out from the crowd and keep the ladies coming back for more/
  • My struggles with fitness, my discovery of Crossfit, and how to discover your own fitness passion.
  • Why Crossfit is awesome, dispelling some myths and concerns, and how to avoid injury.
  • More details on No Nothing November
  • Stuff about MEEEEEEE, including the origins of the Kid Strangelove name.


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