Top 10 Manosphere posts of the Week (12/20/2013)

lalaWelcome back to another edition of the Top Manosphere posts of the week list!!! This is the 3rd week that I’m doing this list, and this week proved to be quite challenging – I am deep into two separate side projects that are unfortunately requiring a lot of time and attention on my end, plus my crossfit sessions have been exhausting as always, but the end result is sweet abs and a fat bankroll, so certain things need to be done.

There are a few changes to the MO this week – I am sharing not only great manosphere blog posts (and there is always plenty), but also some links from non manosphere sites that our readers might find relevant to their interests. As always, for suggestions, comments, etc, feel free to comment or hit me up on twitter @kidstrangelove. And this weeks Fitness Chick of the week is Amanda Latona, IFBB Bikini pro and queen of white girl booty, check her out on instagram at Now onto the list

  1. Masculine Behavior in  boys is being misdiagnosed as Autistic on Front Page Mag. This is one of the non manosphere links I was talking about. This is also an issue that I discussed before, on boys being drugged into submission. To all my liberal readers – don’t ignore this because its from a conservative source, ok? 
  2. One in 200 pregnant women claim to be virgins on Slate.  Another one of the non manosphere links I was talking about. After reading this, you will find it impossible to believe a girls “number”. To all my conservative readers, don’t ignore this because it’s from a liberal source, ok?
  3. Why America causes men to be unnatural by Law Dogger on Return of Kings. If you’ve ever felt even a little iffy about modern dating in the States, this is the post for you. I can relate to this. But we are men, we do what needs to be done. It just sucks to do sometimes.
  4. An epidemic of thirsty men is making it harder to get laid by Roosh. Pretty self explanatory. I posted this on facebook and had zero disagreements, an absolute rarity for a manosphere post on my “civilian” facebook account.
  5. Your age does not determine your success (No matter what middle aged old farts say) by Captain Capitalism.  Part harsh critique of the modern job market, part history lesson, part motivational speech. There is no better time than now to strike out on  your own, no matter how old you are.
  6. Gaming Bitchy Broads by Heartiste.  Where Heartiste, probably the first manosphere blogger, shines the brightest are his game posts. They are little bits of wisdom to consume and memorize. Here he tackles the issue of what to say when you approach a group of girls and they say that they are having a serious conversation (while in a club/bar… yeah, I know..). Because you know those girls are hot.
  7. The Manosphere vs The Mainstrean: Producers vs Parasites by Matt Forney. Think the manosphere is going away? Think again. Matt reminds us that we are the producers, the ones that write original stuff, and not just a mish mash of other peoples work. Great read on the state of modern media.
  8. Two sluts fight over which was Zyzz’s favorite girlfriend. Yes, this is a thread on, but I had to include it (and rank it highly) for two reasons. First of all, love him or hate  him, Zyzz got more people to the gym than you could ever imagine. He was a 4Chan hero, a nerd who became an alpha male, showing everyone it was possible. The second reason? Game. His amused mastery, dealing with two girls at once, was so effective, that these girls are still fighting over him more than 2 years after his death. Rest in peace brah, we’re all gonna make it.
  9. Celibacy Clubs by Bodi on Krauser‘s blog. Thanks to the good old tradition of guest posting, I have discovered Bodi, and would recommend him to anyone. Here he describes the phenomenon of women holding each other down, forming these groups to ensure noone gets laid. It’s depressing, its frightening, and it has happened to women I know in front of my very eyes. A fascinating read.
  10. The best of 2013 on the Red Pill subreddit. Ok, so it might be cheating to include a giant best-of style reddit post, but the information contained within is invaluable. The top rated content from this sub reddit will keep you reading and learning for hours and hours. I revised some incredible posts and found some new ones I missed. This is why it’s #1 this week.

And here we have it, another week down! As always, feel free to comment, submit new stuff, and hit up my twitter @kidstrangelove

As always, to close things out, I present you with the Tumblr snowflake of the week. Since this weeks list was different, so is the snowflake. Watch as Tumblr “activism” leaves the keyboard and jumps into real life.


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