Top 10 Manosphere posts of the week (12/06/2013)


Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock – you will recognize Maria Kang from the pictures above. Yep, the infamous “Fit Mom” has the distinct honor of being  the FIRST “Kid Strangelove’s Hot Fitness chick of the week”. But more on that in a minute.

The manospheres numbers, as well as notoriety, are growing day by day. There’s already quite a few high quality link aggregates, like the always helpful vivalamanosphere, or the ever growing Red Pill Subreddit, to keep you updated with the freshest content.

But what if your time is limited, and you want to check out only the best, most mind blowing stuff the sphere has to offer? And what if you, like me, aren’t really a fan of the really weird political and “Human Bio Diversity” articles that seem to be randomly popping up recently? Have no fear, I got you.

Every Friday I will bring you what I consider the top 10 articles from the manosphere in the past week, all from different bloggers and sources to keep the content fresh. Which articles make it is up to my own personal discretion, but I can be a pretty reasonable guy, so no worries.

There is one rule – one article per site per week. Yes, I know some sites like ReturnOfKings spit hot fire daily, and props to them, but I would love to see a bigger scope of blogs represented here. Who knows – you might run across a blog you’ve never heard of and end up liking!

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the FIRST Kid Strangelove Manosphere top 10!

  1. Hollywood Loves Your Inferiority Complex by Good Looking Loser. GLL seems to be a happy-go-lucky, yet very no nonsense guy, a rarity in any blogging circles. In this post he discussed mens obsession with their appearance and obtaining impossible physical ideals and how most of us are a lot better off than we thought. 
  2. Why I Hate the Day After Thanksgiving by Matt Forney. Matt recounts the horrors of working at a big box retailer and witnessing the ugly side of capitalism.
  3. My girlfriend briefly reviews “Men on Strike” by The Quest for 50. Dagonet is dating, and things just seem to be going super duper. Here he shares his girlfriends views on the infamous “Men on Strike” book. Just read it, you will get the warm fuzzies.
  4. Trapped! by Dalrock. Ever hear of Jenny Erikson, the woman whose pastor (gasp) told her husband about the divorce she was planning? Dalrock does what he does best – eviscerates this Christian hamster. I honestly pictured him as Eminem battle rapping while reading this piece.
  5. Thank you, Hannah Price, For Putting a Human Face On Street Harassment by Just Four Guys. So I linked to a post older than a week. Sue me. It’s still brilliant. Just Four Guys is the first black manosphere blog that I ran across, and it handles issues of race and manhood remarkably. Just read the article already, it’s brilliant.
  6. Michelle Obama is a Feminist Nightmare? You’re goddamn right she is! by JudgyBitch. Politico writer pens an article calling Michelle Obama a “feminist nightmare”, by taking up more “traditional” causes as a first lady. Judgy Bitch also channels her inner Eminem and goes totally HAM! Mrs Bitch, if you read this, I love your writing and wish to give you the highest of fives for consistency.
  7. Why Game is Necessary, part 3 by Athlone McGinnis at Return of Kings. There had to be a ROK piece somewhere in there. Athlone McGinnis, one of ROKs most prolific writers, takes us through several frightening examples of what neediness, insecurity and self hate will do to a man. The alternative, of course, is personal development. And its a damn good alternative.
  8. How I Make 10K per Month Online by Bold and Determined. This is a real eye opener on internet hustling (because not too many guys want to be hunched over a desk till they’re 60). I love the income and expense breakdowns, they are very helpful. And notice how most of the money is made – yep – in content creation and sales. Running vivalamanosphere probably helps a lot too:) .  I’m using this article as my own personal jump off point to improve this blog.
  9. One Year Of Sobriety by Danger And Play. This post is very near and dear to my heart because I read it at the end of my “No Nothing November” experiment. Reading another persons reflections, thoughts and lessons on sobriety (and lack thereof) made me further reflect on what I was experiencing. This article seems to have that effect on everyone I showed it to.
  10. Where Anger Leads by M3. And here it is, the FIRST #1 post of my weekly countdown, and one of the reasons I started this top 10 in the first place. M3 never pulls punches. He can dig so deep into his experiences that I feel like I am re-living them when I read his articles. This man deserves as much exposure as he can get because he is JUST THAT GOOD. In this post he addresses a common criticism of the manosphere – that it’s “angry”, and digs deep to the roots of that anger in both women and men, and what they both do about it. Just go and read it already!!!! Oh and when you’re done, check out the incredible discussion about it at the Red Pill Subreddit. 

Well, that was my first top 10. I hope you liked it, I certainly did. To submit new articles or blogs for consideration  – just hit me up on twitter at @kidstrangelove. I know that I probably covered only a small section of the sphere, as new blogs seem to pop up fairly constantly, so I would absolutely love to hear your suggestions.

Oh yeah – as an homage to the original “linkage” posts at Matt Forney’s old site Inmalafide, where he posted hot vintage pinup girl pics, I will be posting a hot fitness model pic, because… well… i like fitness chicks. Doubt their hotness? Go attend a NPC Bikini competition in sweatpants.

This week’s hot fitness chick of the week is Maria Kang. She deserves the nod not only for her incredible hotness, discipline, and feminine ways, but also because she is an awesome internet troll and will probably make lots of money from it. Kid’s dream girl for sure.

Wait… something’s missing. Something that would really tie this whole “best of” post together…. I KNOW! Presenting – the tumblr special snowflake of the week!


Stay classy Tumblr, always and forever 🙂

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10 Responses to Top 10 Manosphere posts of the week (12/06/2013)

  1. Good shit man. I hope you keep this up.

    The one and only Victor Pride runs Viva La Manosphere??

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    LOL. M3 emailed me when i posted my “where have all the good women gone”. he was pissed i beat him to the punch. but M3 deserves as much traffic as he can get.

  3. Fred Flange says:

    I thought I was up on my Hyper PC Totally Inclusive Purehearted Gender Studies lingo, but what the fuck is “cis scum”?

  4. M3 says:

    Much thanks for the linkage and the high praise my good sir. I’m honored to share the stage with so many well known and distinguished men (and the ever classy lady JB)!

  5. Chris says:

    Yo – thanks for the love Kidd! I’m honored – mark my words though, you’ll have some of our newer content in the top 3 in the next few months. First time visitor here btw. have a nice weekend.

  6. Meditation Lady says:

    What does the tumblr quote mean?

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