No Nothing November – Day 14 – Random thoughts

This post is just a little bit of verbal diarrhea of things I wanted to share and talk about.

I have never done moderation well. This extreme vice detox might be everything that I needed.

It feels weird being uninformed. I have stayed off media sources big and small, and have only gone on twitter when I post here, and on facebook when I check event locations. I know nothing about what is going on outside of me. The world could be ending and I wouldn’t know it.

On the flip side the world has been ending for as long as I can remember. Sensationalist media has been blaming the “other guy” for ages. However the sun is still out, the sky is still blue and those two little dots on a womans lower back are still adorable.

Thank goodness for my Crossfit gym. I can just take my lack of moderation over there. I have never felt so incredibly frustrated, challenged and satisfied at the same time. Oh, you got a 373 pound 1 rep max on the deadlift? Try climbing this rope without using your legs. You’re hot shit on a rower? Let’s see you do a Turkish getup… with a barbell. The challenge is constant and the victories are satisfying. Thank you crossfit.

Crossfit and macking have one thing in common. It’s really difficult to get a good snatch.

Thanks for the drum roll Benny. That was corny of me

Thanks for the drum roll Benny. That was corny of me

Pot has been surprisingly easy to give up so far. I’ve grown dependent on its calming effects, but now I feel more in charge of my own mood and it feels great. It would still be awesome to learn how to use it in moderation, but that’s all in due time.

I hate to say it, but ignorance really does seem to be bliss.

Day game is still the weakest part of my arsenal. Over the last few days I saw some model pretty girls on the street or the subway. One of them even had a folder from Frame Model Management. I tried. I failed.

I need to step up my game with those “maximum beauty” girls. They made me stop dead in my tracks, but they are absolutely rare. The one subway model was leagues prettier than any of the girls I talked to this past Saturday at a bar. I don’t have the night connections to meet these girls. I will have to use the daytime.

I’m going to a club tonight for a friends birthday and I’m pretty excited. It’s in the infamous meat packing district, the “top tier” of NYCs club scene. I even got my nice shoes ready. We’ll see what happens.

I am genuinely not interested in the PS4 or the XBOXOne at this point. Probably the only game I would buy at this point is Ultra Street Fighter 4.

I watched RAW with my roommate on Monday. I figure it didn’t fall into the “unnecessary media” trope because its something that I’m doing socially, and it’s something with a strict time limit (Internet, social media, video games, on the flip side, never end). Coincidentally, it was one of the best RAWs I’ve seen in a while. Maybe the fact that I enjoyed it with another person and not with the internet had something to do with it.

The day before, I came home at around 11:45 pm and heard him making angry noises from his room. As expected – he was having a bad game of League of Legends and was about to start another one. I recognized what this was, since I went through the exact same experiences with Madden – an average match takes 40 minutes or more, many things are out of your control and sometimes it frustrates the shit out of you. So you play one more. And you lose again. Ok, one more. And you win! Well, since I’m on a streak, I’ll play one more. And you get blown out. Ok I can’t go to bed like this – one more! Before you know it – its 6:40 am, you have spent all night angrily playing, and work is about to start soon.  I told him to step away and to watch some TV with me in the living room. He did. He went to sleep shortly after. The next evening, he thanked me for what I did.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll post something more coherent soon 🙂

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