No Nothing November – Day 1

And the winner of the 3 vices that I should give up for the month of November is…

Wait-For-ItAll of the above!

Yep, thanks in part to my realization that all 3 of those things are hurting me (which is why I wrote about them in the first place), and the overwhelming support that the “All of the above” option got in my poll, during the month of November I will be giving up pot, masturbation and unnecessary media!

I will be updating this blog as much as I can to post my thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout these 30 days. Right now I feel good, but I know that feeling. It’s the same feeling you get when you go to the gym for the first time – you’re hype, energized, and probably cooked 4 days worth of chicken and broccoli on your George Foreman grill. But let’s see how you feel when the little things start to pile up into one giant uncontrollable mess – that’s when the real test begins.

But Kid – isn’t updating this blog part of the “Unnecessary Media Addiction” you’re trying to give up? Good question. I will use this blog (and only this blog) as a means of documenting my experiences and getting some feedback and support. I hold those things in high regard – that’s part of the reason I became a crossfit junkie, even though you can do the same kind of workouts in a cheap ass gym – feedback and support.  I will take a small hiatus from crossfitmack because my tumblr dashboard is filled with pictures of super hot fitness chicks and I’d rather not have that in my face every time I try to update that site.  Also, since twitter is a tool that a lot of readers use to communicate with me, I will check the tweets sent to me immediately after updating my blog, and only for a few minutes, just enough time to get a tiny conversation going, but I will not be checking my feed because that will get me stuck for hours.

This weekend will be my first real test. I am going to a super hipster party Saturday night in Greenpoint, and last time I was there – marijuana was smoked openly. Also, good old Sunday is creeping up on me once more, and that is usually a day where hours are lost to marijuana, masturbation and media. Guess I gotta find something to do. The NYC marathon is passing by my house, so that could be a thing.

This all seems so new, so refreshing. It feels great to have a concrete set goal with a concrete set timeline.

I’m excited 🙂

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One Response to No Nothing November – Day 1

  1. rivsdiary says:

    congratulations man! i am cheering you on.

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