Hello ABC 20/20 Manosphere readers and viewers

So yesterday news started going around that ABC’s 20/20 was doing a hit piece on the manosphere. Check out the article HERE. The episode should air October 18. Maybe you came here because you’ve already seen it on TV. If you’ve read the article, you’ll find that a lot of commenters are…. disagreeing with the 20/20 portrayal and for good reason (or maybe the comments have been deleted at this point, happens ).

First let me get this immediately out of the way. The manosphere tends to have a “extreme right” label from a lot of folks on the outside looking in. I’m not extreme right.

I’m about as liberal as you can get. I LOVE Obamacare, love a woman’s right to choose, I’ve attended gay pride events with my friends, I participated in Occupy Wall Street. Yeah, the extreme right wing label does not really apply to me.

And I am a member of the manosphere. Unexpected, I know.

In my views I expect to be as egalitarian as possible. I know that women and men enjoy certain advantages and disadvantages in life. Shocker.

Except in today’s environment, certain topics are taboo, very taboo, so a lot of people might not even get the chance to hear about them.

One of these topics is male disadvantage, or any kind of male problems. Men are supposed to be the “rulers of the world”, so they have no disadvantages, right? Eeh, let’s see… in chronological order.

  • In the USA, most males still get circumcised. This procedure carries a risk of infection or botching (however small). The reasons for this are either religious (which ends up with a mohel sucking a bloody baby dick), or for “penile peer pressure” (“I don’t want our baby’s dick to look weird”). Circumcised penises never experience full sexual pleasure. “But it helps lower HIV infection rates” people say, well, guess what, so does female circumcision, and that is still considered a practice so barbaric that it has been renamed to “female genital mutilation” (rightfully, might I add). Now, I am not saying that female genital mutilation is equal to male genital mutilation (it is far worse),  but this is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Boys are a large chunk of childhood users of Ritalin, Aderall, and similar. “Boys will be boys” is now “boys will be drugged into submission”
  • Men still have to register for selective service, women do not.
  • Women, while being half of the population and over 70% of degree earners, are still treated like a minority group and receive minority scholarships to attend college.
  • To appear progressive, many companies give preferential treatment to female applicants, passing over equally qualified male applicants. This is prevalent in tech and other “male dominated” fields and creates a culture of resentment in the workforce, which HINDERS talented and creative women.
  • Men have 0 reproductive rights. 0. Our only reproductive right is “Keeping it in our pants”. Remember what happened when a conservative politician told a woman to keep it in her pants?


Of course you remember. The media immediately declared a “war on women”. Good old Sandra Fluke.

  • Men make up most of the homeless
  • Men make up 99% of workplace deaths
  • If you commit a crime – men are sentenced for longer for the same exact crimes.
  • Men are most of the homicide victims.
  • In marriage – the divorce rate is around 70% now, give or take. Women initiate 80% of all divorces, get a financial benefit in 90% of all divorces.
  • Men, by default, are assumed to be pedophiles. Certain airlines, for example, refused to sit an unaccompanied child next to a male passenger.
  • Men make up most of the suicide victims.

Now – the list above – I came up with it off the top of my head. Some of the numbers might be incorrect here and there, but if I am wrong on ANY of the statements above, I will retract, correct and apologize.

Now – those are only the factual statements that can be backed up with research, papers, articles and other sources. I didn’t even begin to talk about the “day to day” difficulties of being a guy.

However, if I worked for a magazine or news organization, I would face significant backlash just for stating the facts above. The liberal lynch mob would be unleashed on me without mercy. Currently they are busy with a Slate writer who advises young women to not binge drink till they black out. Poor thing.

This is why we hide, this is why we are anonymous, because expressing anything that doesn’t directly support the liberal agenda is career suicide.

Now let’s shift gears towards Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist martyr du jour.

Here is a wonderful picture from a female gamer describing the issue.


She also poked the hornet’s nest that is /b/. Now, if you have no idea what /b/ is… eeh, let google do that for you, I wont go there

Here’s a video where Anita admits to not being a gamer.

So, you take a person that doesn’t like your hobby, insults your hobby, calls it misogynistic and calls you a misogynist if you disagree with her, then gets $160,000+ in donations to enjoy your favorite hobby (that she hates) and make hateful videos about it, and doesn’t even MAKE her videos till almost a year later (my time might be off, correct me if I’m wrong). That might piss people off.

And finally, as gamers, did any of you ever have a game stash this deep? And for free?


I’m jealous.

So, humble ABC News 20/20 viewers and readers, that was only a small rant in a series of larger rants, issues, musings, etc that can only be discussed anonymously.

There are many facets of the manosphere.  Some help people enjoy more satisfying sex lives. Some help people vent about daily frustrations. Some help people improve their standing in life, either financially or with better health. Some members are conservative. Some members are liberal.

Some members are particularly good at “stirring the pot” and “drawing fire”, or “starting shit” as we say in the hood. Those are the ones  you notice, the shit talkers, because they scream the loudest. But, as feminist icon Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said – “Well behaved women seldom make history”, and that applies to men too.

Welcome to the manosphere. Enjoy your stay. You might just learn something.

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15 Responses to Hello ABC 20/20 Manosphere readers and viewers

  1. Annie says:

    Hey, thanks for this post. I’m a feminist and I’d love to be an MRA as well but there are so many flat out women-hating MRA sites that it’s hard to want to be one. Thanks for not being crazy and woman-hating! Heh heh.
    I do think your divorce figure is very off. Google “is the marriage rate really fifty percent” and you’ll see it’s most likely not, much smaller. And there is actually discrimination against women in some fields. There was a study done (though in academia so it may not be as relevant) that showed that people were more likely to hire males than females even when resumes were identical. Everything else though, about homelessness, homicide rate, and especially the “drugging” of young boys is 100% true and it hurts my heart. I wish there was something I could do other than post on the internet! Do you know of any other MRA websites like yours, that aren’t so hostile toward women? Thanks again for this post. I really wish I could get involved with people who want fair and equal treatment for everybody, male or female.

    • Hi Annie,

      First of all, thank you for your comment. It’s good to see a feminist leaning towards true egalitarianism (which I believe was the purpose of 1st and 2nd wave feminists all along), and looking make life great for everyone. You rock, and I wish there were more people like you!

      I’m not really considered an MRA in the sense of being the A part of that acronym (my activist days were with OWS, but that’s another story), this is just a personal blog to let out my feelings on life, issues, etc, under anonymity.

      The unfortunate part of your question is that because the Manosphere, MRA’s, etc, are reactionary movements, there will always be a sense of hostility in its discussions. Most MRAs and most modern radical feminists have one thing in common – they saw what they perceived an injustice, and that’s what introduced them to the theories and movements. Since this phenomenon is quite new, combined with the anti male taboos that we agree exist – there is a complete lack of academic reinforcement for Manosphere and MRA issues. The concept of feminism is seen as “normal” now, but mens issues – not at all.
      Because of this there will almost always be an air of hostility around MRAs, consider this a “Trigger Warning”.

      The Reddit Men’s Rights page ( http://www.reddit.com/r/MensRights/ ) is actually a very good resource of information on the subject. Yes, there is a lot of “noise” there, but that’s just something you’ll have to deal with. Their sidebar links are incredibly helpful.

      How to get involved? Hmm…
      Awareness is the first and smallest step, but also one of the most important. If you see something messed up happening in the media or around you – that is your chance to educate others and speak up. If someone you know says “All women are sluts / All men are dogs” – that is your chance to speak up. If you see a article making a point – share it, talk about it. The “nasty attitudes” of some MRAs and “man hating” feminists come from a long line of disappointment, pain, misinformation, etc. By breaking the circle of neglect and misinformation, you are making a difference. Including everyone in the discussion always helps.

      The next step, of course is action. I will leave that one to you. Are you in the media? Do you organize anything? This step is yours and yours alone to take advantage of your own position in life.

      Hope I answered some of your questions and concerns and turned you into a regular reader 🙂

      EDIT. Almost forgot. Humor always helps. Like this:

    • Lord Highbrow says:

      Hi Annie, much like kidstrangelove, as a Manospherian, I take a dim view of many MRA sites. To me, a lot of MRAs are a mirror image of many feminists, that is, they talk about equal treatment of individuals of both genders, but there is a lot of ‘victim status’. So I try to stay away from most of it. There are a few MRA type sites I pay close attention to, as they try to remain objective and stick to the facts without getting *too* emotional.

      These are:

      Also, a couple of Youtube channels too:
      girlwriteswhat (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcmnLu5cGUGeLy744WS-fsg)
      RazorBladeKandy (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrSJF7GT6MOm6PxYmv0H3_g)

      Note: if you do a search for RazorBladeKandy, you need to be aware that the current channel is RazorBladeKandy2 – his original channel was recently taken down, due to complaints or whatever. Not because he is some woman hating maniac, but because he dares to question the status quo. He discusses the situation in one of his videos.

      You may or may not agree with/like what these people have to say, but their posts/videos are quite informative. Inevitably, there is a lot of critiquing of feminism and might rub you the wrong way, but as I said, they remain pretty objective and use facts, logic and reason to back up their arguments.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Why is this Manosphere crap even still in existence? Roosh has publicly came out with regrets of speerheading the Manosphere because it’s saturated with chodes who don’t get laid. I’m against the bullshit as much as any other guy, and I’m anti-feminist also. But guys need to start getting laid instead of bitching about it 24/7.

    • Gibbers says:

      The guy posts on Roosh’s forum so he is going to defend him and the manosphere obviously.

    • Lord Highbrow says:

      The Manosphere isn’t all about ‘getting laid’. There are many facets to The Manosphere. For instance, I consider myself a Manospherian and I don’t focus my life around sleeping with lots of women. Sure, there are people in The Manosphere who are into that and that’s fine, but don’t paint the entire ‘sphere with the same brush.

      Personally, I don’t identify as a PUA or an MRA or MGTOW or whatever other labels there are. I encompass values from all of these areas. I just don’t get the whole idea that one must identify as being a part of one particular group. I take the parts that I like from each of these individual theories and use those to improve myself.

      Roosh may claim that he ‘spearheaded’ the Manosphere, but in reality, it existed long before he came along and it will exist long after he’s gone. That is not an attack on Roosh – I like the guy and take on board a lot of what he has to say. But to claim that he created The Manosphere is ridiculous.

      The fact is that what we call The Manosphere today has been around since the beginning of mankind. In reality, it is the internet that has allowed men to voice their views and concerns and share knowledge, where previously it existed only amongst groups of individuals scattered across the globe.

  3. Gibbers says:

    but he does have a point though, sometimes feminism goes way overboard.

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  5. Glenfilthie says:


    Are you serious? Kid – real men don’t want or need Obutthole care, they don’t fornicate and defacate with the Occutards of Wall Street in public parks…and I don’t care how many liberals and stupid people line up in a row to claim otherwise…but real men aren’t gay.

    So technically speaking, you are not an advocate of the manosphere, you are in reality a liberal idiot that disagrees with other liberal idiots. And – as long as we’re being honest around here – nobody really cares what stupid people think. If you had the same exposure those femc*nt nitwits had, you would get the same shit storm in the comments.

    Glad we straightened that out.

  6. brigadon says:

    One of the reasons the ‘manosphere’ is becoming a problem to the mainstream media is because the smart ones are starting to realize that it dovetails nicely with paleoconservatism, ‘common sense’ spending, and libertarianism.
    If anything, the manosphere ‘split’ has made it more powerful, as it allowed the individualists to reconnect with the personal liberty movement, and the ‘social justice’ types to confirm their alignment to statist communitarianism.

    If it makes you feel better, Even hard-core liberals can see the truth… big government cares about nothing but itself, and feminism is just one of it’s many tools. Don’t be a tool.

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