My First Book Review Post

I figure by this point, you’re tired of all my bitching and moaning (I really seem to do that one a lot on this blog, don’t I). Well, fear not – I have decided to get on the book review trend – especially since I received a lot of great recommendations from my readers, friends, and members of the manosphere, so I figure why not share some of my favorites.

I highly recommend all of these books on this list. And yes, that is an amazon affiliate link below to buy them, I’ll be upfront about it. I figure if you like my blog and want to read a good book – hit them up from my link and show love! anyway, review time

American Desperado by Evan Wright and Job Roberts



People say you can’t judge a book by its cover. I did. And when a book promises a story about the mafia, the nightclub game, Vietnam, drug running and government work, I jumped right on it. American Desperado is a first person account of the eventful life of Jon Roberts,  a notorious drug smuggler who you might have seen in the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys” about the Miami cocaine business in the 80s. American Desperado offers a detailed first hand account of that, but before the drug smuggling story begins, we are treated to a dark and deeply disturbing biography of a man born to crime, seemingly without emotion, and the 20 lifetimes he gets to live before finding his “calling”. While you were taught to play nice, Jon Roberts saw his mobster father kill a man at the age of 7. This event sets up a building block for his future – that evil will always win if evil is careful. For the next few hundred pages we get to see that point resonate over and over again. Seemingly at will – Jon Roberts becomes a success in every venture he tries, with a combination of business savvy and strong armed tactics, and as a reader, you get a little envious. Did you ever sleep with a Hollywood starlet at 22 while running several of the city’s top nightspots? Nope. Are you friends with Jimmy Hendrix? Didn’t think so. Did you trash a restaurant in the company of hot women, pay the bill in cash, and then do it all over again? Who are we kidding here.

I  recommend this book because this shows you the real inner workings of a man whose lifestyle many of us might even idolize. Some might even learn some lessons, while others will only find warnings. But it has to be said – if you’re broke, with no friends and moving to a new city – will you become a millionaire in a year? Jon Roberts did, and the story is fascinating

Buy American Desperado: My Life–From Mafia Soldier to Cocaine Cowboy to Secret Government Asset on amazon by clicking this link

World War Z by Max Brooks:



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the mega successful movie based on this book. However, the book takes its narrative to a direction I have never seen before (and a direction that would make it unfilmable).

Here is the setting: it’s 10 years after a global zombie pandemic and the narrator plays the part of a reporter, collecting detailed accounts of the zombie conflict from survivors worldwide. Each chapter is one survivors account, usually of a particular small part of the Zombie War, and the reader slowly sees the story build itself up around him.

This book isn’t just about zombies folks, there are many stories of sheer human willpower and survival, of people dealing with an unimaginable crisis, adjusting to the worlds priorities flipping upside down right in front of them. There are plenty of global politics as you see each individual nation respond to the Zombie threat in a more or less realistic way. Max Brooks gives each one of these survivors a unique voice, which is a testament to his writing abilities. This book is a must read!

Buy World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks on amazon by clicking this link

Emergency by Neil Strauss

emergencybyneilstraussWhile many of us know Neil Strauss for writing “The Game”, the book that kicked off the PUA movement and might ultimately be responsible for 95% of the “manosphere” blogs today, his follow-up book Emergency resonate with me even more.

In the evolutionary sense, man was made to survive and reproduce, however, since life changed more in the last 100 years than it did in the previous thousand, our innate abilities for sex and survival tended to atrophy. Where “The Game” discusses “learning” the trait of reproduction, and all the stories that come with it, Emergency is all about learning the art of survival for a person that never had to.

It was easy for me to relate to Neil Strauss in this book – I’ve lived in big cities my entire life, never went hunting, fishing or camping. Hell, it’s a miracle if i cook something and it’s not burnt to a crisp.

The motivation for Strauss is fear – fear based on experience and media, something that all of us can relate to.

Throughout the book, he discovers his survival abilities, in the usual obsessive Neil Strauss style, and grows as a human being, slowly morphing from someone concerned solely with their own individual safety  to a pillar of whatever community he ends up in. This stage of growth is a real motivator and something that every manosphere reader can take away, since personal growth is basically %70 of our content.

Buy Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss on amazon by clicking this link

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