Why I love skinny women

Reason 1: Back dimples. Reason 2: The Gap. Enjoy. Stay mad “curvy” ladies.


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7 Responses to Why I love skinny women

  1. Jpo says:

    I’m a curvy lady and I have back dimples and a gap! Stay lonely and ignorant a hole.

    • Cellulite causes “dimples” too. JPO, don’t be such a sensitive chubby checker 😉

      Some women like tall men, some like short. You do realize people have preferences/standards?

      You should having some too instead of hating people for theirs 😉

    • Barry Craig says:

      Curvy, the fat woman’s way of saying overweight. “A few extra pounds” is another fav. Every time I see a lady that uses one of these lines I just laugh.

      FYI, my wife has curves in all the right places. She stands 5’1″ and weighs 103lbs.

  2. JC says:

    A confident person would never be so defensive.

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  4. Barry Craig says:

    Back dimples is just one. That lovely cupping shape on the inside of their thigh. Slender legs look much nicer in heels and stockings. A flat stomach is far sexier than one that hangs over your belt.

    This whole propaganda thing that it is the media that shapes our tastes is BS. The media follows what people want. If people wanted to see fat women in bathing suits, that is what sports illustrated would show, because they want to sell magazines. I have loved thin women since I was old enough to know what girls were about, not because some magazine told me what to like.

  5. Lea says:

    Not everyone likes skinny girls. My ex liked very curvy, thick girls, and I’m skinny. Go figure.

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