Online Dating Chronicles: the 18 year old – my best worst first date

“the original X-Men cartoon, the Simpsons, the OJ Simpson trial, Desert Storm, portable CD players, the internet service providers CompuServe and Prodigy, the movie “The Rock”, Mr T not in a rerun, New Kids On The Block, Liveaid…”

“I get it dude, she’s 18” – I interrupted my roomate, laughing along.

“No, I’m going to keep listing things off that are younger than your date. Mortak Kombat and Street Fighter. No, scratch that, Mortal Kombat 2 and Street fighter 2. We own scotch older than your date.”

I knew my choice of dating an 18 year old would draw a little heat, but it was a lot less than I expected. Female friends said, with a noticeable bit of discomfort, that I would find nothing in common with her. The older the girl – the more uncomfortable her reaction (highlighted by a 32 year old friend of a friend, who kept mentioning her “crazy and mature” sex life but stopped dead on the subject after I told her about my date). This was something I was expecting, given my experience of reading “mack” blogs, but it was still interesting to observe in person.

The girl was a “russophile”, so to give her “homework” for the date I told her to check out these two amazing Russian movies I enjoyed. People that love a particular culture are known to be incredibly receptive to sex from a member of that culture. I’ve seen French, Italian and Spanish guys use this method with great success in the past, but every once in a while a girl confesses to liking Russia, and in the back of my mind I think “Oh yeah, I’m in there”.

She looked every bit her 18 years – a smile not destroyed by years of alcohol and tobacco abuse, a perfect ass in perfectly tight jeans. She said she was into art – so I took her to my Thursday night artfagging spots. This was gonna be a good night…

Except it wasn’t. I’d hate to let the haters have this one, but they were right – there was just nothing in common. Despite her “Russophilia”, despite all my usual awesome stories, high swag and the presence of free alcohol, that “spark” just didn’t hit.

While I mentioned a cool hangout spot for our next date, she texted me after a while and said something like “Hey, I had a really great time tonight and you are really hot and fun, however I just wasn’t really feeling it. Please don’t take this personally as I rally did have a good time tonight”. So there we go, rejected by the 18 year old. And you know what?

She let me know right away instead of beginning a slow disappearing act, or trying to squeeze a free dinner out of it. And on that first date, since it was an “art night”, you know how much money I spent? 0 dollars. That’s right. The entire night cost me 0 dollars.

So what’s the lesson in all of this? Ladies – letting a guy down directly is 99% of the time better than letting it “flake fizzle” out. Gentlemen – while frustration at rejection will always be there, no matter what kind of rejection happens, you will feel hit particularly hard if you spent money on a girl beforehand. So keep the costs low (or 0) until sex (or at least some hard “point of no return”), your sanity will thank you. Because there is no worse feeling than waking up in a bed with no girl and a bunch of receipts.

This 18 year old had more social training than women I have encountered in their mid twenties. Guess it’s time to play with my okcupid age filter.

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4 Responses to Online Dating Chronicles: the 18 year old – my best worst first date

  1. fulltimegangsta says:

    Love it.. I’m so bad at letting guys down (you just have to read my posts to figure that out).. I always feel so mean!!

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  3. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    “We own scotch older than your date.” <—- This statement should have been punctuated with a high five.

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