No Fap February update – day 10

Another poorly written post inspired by a coffee rush and looking over my shoulder so my coworkers don’t see me blogging.  Here we go.

First of all, since I started No Fap February – I have been having way more intense and vivid dreams, I don’t know exactly how it’s correlated, but now these kinds of dreams happen every night. It doesn’t matter if i was drunk or sober the night before, same thing every single night. In fact last night I had one of those inception style dream within a dream moments, it was pretty freaky.

In my personal life there have been several great breakthroughs. First of all I found some new bars to hang out in since my favorite places have become consistent sausagefests. I now use this list as a basis of bar finding – The Douchiest bars in NYC. Johnny Utah’s and Turtle Bay (and, by extension, that entire neighborhood) seem to have the best combination of no drama door and girls looking to “let loose”. Still no hookups to the “high end” places though:(

Okcupid activity seems to have picked back up. I’m going out with a seemingly feisty and energetic Latina tonight and an “all American” type former gymnast next week. The down side is that I’ve been messaging this stunning Russian girl (and those are always easier to manage because of my background), and after a few back and forth messages and tentative plans made – poof, she stops replying. I have no clue what happened. But at the same time this does not phase me at all. I guess I’m back to my “not giving a shit because bitches be flaking all the time” mentality, and I don’t know if that’s right or wrong. My expectations women are super low again, I guess they can do nothing but shoot them back up!… Ugh… I hate this feeling of indifference.

Here’s a picture of Anna Kendrick to brighten up the mood.

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