No Fap February!

Inspired by a few of my twitter peeps, namely @Single_WM,  @BeerAndConcrete @fly_fresh_young (check them out), I have decided to make February NO Fap February!

I have spoken about the benefits of not J-ing off in a previous post (testosterone spike, etc), but I have never before taken a commitment to be “master of my domain”. However, recently I’ve been feeling lethargic, lazy and just completely unmotivated. So I figure this could be just the recipe I needed to motivate myself. I mean it’s science.

Even a few days into No Fap February I realized just how often we depend on that daily release. Stressful day of work ahead? Just woke up? Pop one off and you can breeze through the rest of your day. It’s like getting the relaxation of marijuana without the hunger and need to watch documentaries and “The Whitest Kids U know”.

So yeah, I’m doing my own version of Sinfeld’s “The Contest” and I’m fully aware that I’ll be climbing the walls like spiderman by next week. I’m pretty hype. Also, as extra motivation, I will post this video on my facebook and twitter if i fail:

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4 Responses to No Fap February!

  1. flyfreshandyoung says:

    I’m two weeks+ in and have lost the urge to do it at all. Funny how that works.

    Good luck hombre

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Need to start posting more.

  3. Dan says:

    Little late, but I came across this post via some of Mala Fide’s linkage. I decided to give up masturbation a week ago. It’s been incredible. I’m not noticing much of a difference with girls but my creativity, focus and motivation is off the charts. Another endorsement to add to the list.

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