While I’m out, here’s some slutty chicks blogs for you to read

I’m still feeling the high from the amazing and re-energizing trip to Atlanta, and I’ll post everything about it next week, but I should give my readers at least a little something while I work on my side projects.

So, I give to you – blogs by slutty chicks:

http://sexdrugsandbottleservice.tumblr.com/ – Blog by a chick that was a bottle service waitress in NYC. Sorry that the Tiger Woods scandal made your job shittier and men more aware, but what are ya gonna do.  However somewhere in there are tales of girls trying to snag a rich man, hookers, and a shoe called Louboutin that every materialistic narcissistic  chick loves.

http://chasingthejersey.blogspot.com/ – a blog made by a slutty chick that sleeps with athletes. This one’s funny because this chick adopts this high and mighty attitude as an authority on all things sports and relationships, but, get this, on a past post she admitted to sleeping with mostly lacrosse players. First off, much respect to lacrosse athletes, but lacrosse is not a sport. Banging a lacrosse player is like banging a musician that just played a dive bar gig – you just want an excuse to fuck and them brag to your friends that you “bagged” an “athlete” or “musician”. Anyway, enjoy this chicks delusions.

Have a fun read and I’ll see you next week:-)

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