Godspeed, Subway approach guy, godspeed

While enjoying my Monday afternoon, catching up on some blogs, I noticed that The quest for 50 had a post up about a guy in NYC that approaches women mostly on the subway that’s slowly going viral because it’s being linked from a few places.

So I decided to check it out. And to be honest, his attempts resemble the romantic comedy styling of Hugh Grant. While  I couldn’t find the family guy clip that describes the “Hugh Grant Method” that’s irresistible on screen but absolutely impossible in real life, I did find a picture.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what his writings and recordings make him out to be. But at least he’s doing one thing that barely anyone out there even tries – he is hitting on a girl in the subway. And for that, I have to give him props, because there’s nothing worse than sifting through the piles of “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” that is the Craigslist Missed Connections section.

I commute in NYC daily, most of the time on the same train lines that he posts about, and while I’ve managed to meet a few girls on the subway, I RARELY witness other people trying to do the same. And by rarely – I really mean it – off the top of my head I can only recall witnessing two such events. The first is when a young dude chatted up a chubby high school girl right next to me – sure, she wasn’t the prettiest thing ever, but the dude went for it and handled it like a pro. The second – a pair of subway breakdancers, after doing their flips and collecting some money, decided to hit on this college student at the end of the car. They turned on the charm but eventually failed – probably because it wasn’t a good look asking people in the train for money seconds earlier.

In fact, maybe that’s why I rarely see subway approaches in person – the stigma associated with subway bums. About 99% of the time the only people that talk on the train are the people going car to car collecting money, and as any NYC commuter knows – these guys often show up on the same trains at the same time. Heck, one time I saw a homeless woman flip out on an old lady because the old lady, instead of giving money, gave her a card and directions to a nearby christian homeless shelter.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bums, masturbators, and fights are stories that everyone hears. I’m sure every New Yorker has witnessed this kind of awkwardness.

Maybe the fear of being associated with that kind of behavior is what drives our idealistic young Hugh Grant wannabe into Hugh Grant mode? Maybe. But whatever it is, subway guy, I got 2 pieces of advice for you:

  1. Keep at it
  2. Step it up, stop being shy and be a little more manly. You know how awesome you are, hell, you’re so awesome that you have people following your blog because you do the shit they WISH they could do. So buck up, friend, you’re not a bum and a masturbator, and no female will ever associate you with that

And to whoever says that approaching people on the train is inappropriate – piss off. It’s how my grandparents met many years ago and it led to a long and loving marriage. So an insult to subway macking is an insult to my grandparents.

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4 Responses to Godspeed, Subway approach guy, godspeed

  1. The Quest For 50 says:

    Thanks for the link, KSL. I just wish I could root for the guy a little bit more. The fact that he tried to insult me when I posted on his blog didn’t exactly ingratiate him to me.

    You’ve gotta give him credit for making it a point to approach more, but at the same time, what’s the point of approaching if you’re going to do it in such a lame way… I was the only commenter on his blog that tried to provide the honest (game) perspective and he shot it down. Everyone else is giving neutral mainstream advice like “start by complimenting her shoes.” He’s never going to see improvement if he doesn’t open his eyes to the full picture.

    P.S. Just discovered your blog and added you to my Google Reader. I’ll be keeping up with your writing. I’ll be in New York next week too, so I’ll keep my eye out for a muscular guy with a beer belly who knows what he’s doing with women…

  2. sestamibi says:

    Bus stop, wet day
    She’s there, I say
    “Please share my umbrella. . . ”

    Everybody stared as if we were both quite insane
    Some day my name and hers are going to be the same

    Hey, it worked for Graham Nash, didn’t it?

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