Sam from Jersey Shore appears in facebook christian Dating ad

Checking up on my facebook today and saw this hilarious piece.

Because we all know that Sam is a good christian girl with amazing values.

Question is – did use Sam’s picture without her permission or did she work out a deal with them? I really hope it’s the former, because its a little sad if you’re a spokesperson for a unknown christian dating site while your more obnoxious cast mates are earning 5 million dollars off protein vodka.

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5 Responses to Sam from Jersey Shore appears in facebook christian Dating ad

  1. Deadpool says:

    As I understand it, they dont need her permission to use that image in that capacity as long as she or someone else uploaded it onto facebook. Facebook allows companies to use pictures that have been uploaded in ads, and the true owners of said images, Get nothing. just another way mr Zuckerberg is makin that cash MOENAY!

  2. Jerry Lundegard says:

    Are you kidding? There’s a huge nest of “dating sites” all named “christianmingle” and “interracialmingle” and “blackwhitemingle” and “interracialmingle” and 1000 variations on that theme that are all run by an Asian spam ring that operates out of Canada and completely rapes any and all blogs that don’t have a massive Captcha in place. They’ve been busted posting stolen photos a hundred times now and they should all be beaten to death with hammers.

  3. Solo says:

    WOW so those sites aren’t really dating sites then Jerry?

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