Haven’t gotten laid in over 3 months? 6 months? Then read on

Does this sound like a familiar scene to you?

You wake up, maybe you’re hung over, maybe you’re not. You see your clothes nearby – maybe they’re “fratty”, “business casual” or you’re rocking some affliction shirts. Maybe you’re a student, or a 9 to 5-er. Maybe there’s a stack of receipts from the night before next to your bed, maybe not.

but there is one thing missing – a girl, and then you realize – the girl’s been missing for a while. A LONG while.

So you might get to your computer, might do a few google searches and visit a few forums to help alleviate the problem. Read a few tips here and there, and you tell yourself “ok, next time, I’ll be more confidant, more direct, and I’ll try the bar where the music isn’t too loud to drown out the conversation”. Sound familiar?

Did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah.

You probably look like this

my guru said looks don't matter

Listen, I’ll be blunt – looks matter. Anyone that doesn’t think so is either a) very good looking themselves and downplays it’s value because it’s natural to them or b) trying to sell you something. And it’s really easy to get caught up in the “do looks matter” debate. I did. When I first got into “the game” I was overweight, but yet refused to acknowledge the value of my looks in the mating game (and was backed up by very mild successes and a army of forum users deep under the “seduction industry” spell).

But then, I remembered a great piece of advice my mother told me. “Try to set yourself up with as many advantages in life as possible, it will pay off. It’s not unfair to love and take care of yourself“.  She was right. And then I remembered two real life examples of her being right, on a international stage.

If it’s not immediately obvious who these guys are – two time Olympic gold medalist speed skater Shani Davis, and bajillion time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps. Both of these athletes are aces in their sport, yet both are aided by controversial and expensive new technologies in their sport – the clap skate and the super body suit. At the time of it’s release both have led to a sport wide shattering of world records, and it was clear – those not on board with the new technologies would fall behind, traditionalists be damned. Even the fact that many poorer countries could not afford to outfit their athletes with that technology – did the other athletes care? No, they were too busy becoming household names.

So inspired by my mother’s words, I figured – what If I dedicate myself for 3 months to a workout and diet program. Those P90X results seemed promising enough, and it didn’t look scammy (most of the results I’ve witnessed came from pirated P90X videos traded on the internet).

So I did. 3 Months of complete fitness immersion led me to lose a lot of weight. No, I did not achieve ultimate ripliness like the commercial advertised, but I lost significant weight, significant enough that my clothes all became loose and that my face became way prettier. Yeah, the first benefit of weight loss is your face gets chiseled out.

And just like that – the response to me magnified, all because I decided to take a few months off from mediocre days and nights.

So, where do you see yourself in 3 months? do you see evening after evening of bad interactions, bad dates, and bad nutrition choices made by late nights?

Or do you see a sexier you? Think about it.

Now, here are some tips for making this work. P90x is basically fitness and bodybuilding for dummies. The workouts themselves are awesome, but there are 4 main keys to absolutely unreal results.

  1. Do the “doubles” program, and be incredibly consistent. The “Doubles” P90X plan has you working out twice a day, cardio in the morning and the regular workout of the day in the evening, that extra 40 minute cardio session really pays off.
  2. Immerse yourself in the nutrition plan – they basically provide you with not only an extremely easy to follow meal plan, but they present it in a way that you know what you can substitute in where. It really takes the guesswork and the scariness out of nutrition, and using it’s principles – you can even follow the nutrition plan in a restaurant!
  3. Avoid alcohol at all costs. If you can take 3-6 months without getting laid, you can take 3 months without alcohol. Your body will thank you in 3 months. trust me
  4. Absolute immersion – follow the nutrition plan, do the workouts, it will work. Amazing things are possible in a short time if you immerse yourself. A lot of times we sabotage ourselves by trying to take on as many tasks as possible simultaneously, and end up half assing them all. Immerse yourself!

And before you know it – you will be way better off in 3 months than you were before.  and yes, it will make a world of difference. So don’t take part in the “looks are important debate” –  just go out there and give yourself as many advantages as you can. So go find P90x, or any other complete, immersive program out there, thank me later.

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7 Responses to Haven’t gotten laid in over 3 months? 6 months? Then read on

  1. Hektor says:

    You’re right, looks make a difference. Even Mystery would tell his trainees to go to the gym despite all the promotion of verbal game that he does. Given that fact, I honestly have no clue where the meme of “looks don’t matter” appeared in the PUA community.

    IMO, beginners really underestimate what a few [b]days[/b] in the gym can do. If your body is in a state of total unfitness, your muscles will grow rapidly with little effort-initially at least. Of course, you probably won’t be satisfied with those gains (bodybuilding.com people call them “noob gains”), and you’ll have to work harder to grow from that point on. But anything can help.

  2. sestamibi says:

    When I was 26 I ran for public office and lost 35 lbs. just going door-to-door and eating very little. I lost my primary, but found a relationship in the process, so I can’t say your advice is not unwarranted. Looking good is a necessary but not sufficient condition for scoring, and there’s no guarantee that the effort put into it will yield any success, so with that in mind stay fit for yourself and to live longer. That is sufficient reason.

  3. Lovekraft says:

    The goal should be to fulfill one’s own potential, not to gain approval from others, especially women, who are among the most fickle and superficial of all.

    Seek truth, become balanced, and God willing, a caring, simple woman will come into your life. If not, compromise will make you lose your self respect and in the long run be beholden to the poon.

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  5. carlos says:

    well consider me: i am considered quite handsome, and have never known a day where i wasnt muscular. i havent seen a naked girl in over 6 months, and that to me seems like a problem, especially when your twin brother gets laid almost EVERY DAY.

  6. Bert says:

    hahahaha!!!! Wtf the dude thats a twin!!! Dude tell your bro to hook it up she would not know the diffrence!!!!! yup

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