A quick snapshot of Internet dating

I maintain a match.com and okcupid profile, sometimes you get to meet cool girls on there that you wouldn’t  normally get to cross paths with. So I’m browsing a few profiles today and come across a generic looking 22 year old with an entry level job (she put on match that she makes 25-50k a year). Her profile was the epitome of generic – she likes to travel, work out, and nothing at all out of the ordinary. So far, so basic. And then I scrolled to her “about my date” section.

She wants you to be taller than her, speak English, and she wants you to make waaay more money than her.

She doesn’t care if you’re a big fat slob, she doesn’t care if you have kids (which, lets face it, for a 22 year old to date someone with a child is pretty stressful). She doesn’t care if you smoke yourself to lung cancer and come home every night looking like Charlie Sheen with the latest round of coke, booze and hookers. She doesn’t care if you’re educated or not. Just be taller, speak English, and have way more money, then you will earn her generic-ness.

This girl’s averageness compares to the video below:

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4 Responses to A quick snapshot of Internet dating

  1. JT says:

    Thing is, this “average” girl will STILL have dudes blowing her mailbox with messages. As such, her ego becomes inflated and she feels more entitled to her idea of a “catch”.

    Sitting in front of a computer, her thoughts are governed by logic. Ask any girl, and of course they want to marry a doctor and live the lavish life they’ve thought about since childhood. However, reality isn’t behind a computer screen.

  2. Tim says:

    Dude i love your posts, you really need to post more often

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