Jenn Sterger Mastercard Commercial

Teeth whitening: $175

Fake tan: $35

Fake tits: $3700

Instant fame, notoriety, and a probably payoff from Brett Favre  – Priceless… or  worth at least $2m

There’s some things money can’t buy, for everything else – there’s Mastercard.

((shout out to the forums for inspiring this:-) )).

Edit: what a classy, confident, self assured young lady:

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3 Responses to Jenn Sterger Mastercard Commercial

  1. Solo says:

    She is hot, there was this pic of her and those other girls floating around kind of cool to know who she is, don’t blame Bret for trying to holla @ her, but how he did it was lame

  2. raliv says:

    I hope Favre fucked her in the ass. For real.

    It’s funny to listen to her because her hamster has really been running hard to justify her inherent slutty nature. She clearly loved an asshole alpha before he dumped her, driving her to get fake tits. Yet another case for the “five minutes of alpha is worth five years of beta.”

    Oh Jenn, you will never be anything more than a pin-up girl to society. Nobody cares about how smart you are, or how unique you are. You are valued only because of your tits. That is your value, your fake ass titties that you bought for the price of a car. And once your looks fail, not even your tits will save you.

  3. raliv says:

    I dont know, Solo. I think Favre really did fuck her. He obviously is alpha in his own right and is a legend in the NFL. He is known for being very jovial and fun on the practice field and locker room. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked up to her, got her number, and they dated in secret before he cut it off, leading her to take her revenge.

    You notice that Sterger hasn’t come out and given a story yet. Maybe she is hiding something from NFL investigators. There is more to this story and I hope we get to hear it.

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