How many partners makes you promiscuous? Here is a definite formula

While I was checking out the links section of some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled across  and interesting blog post from Susan Walsh at called The Essential Truth of female promiscuity.

Now, judging from that post alone, then the few that I’ve read on her blog, she seems to be intelligently moderate  – accepting of both sexually liberal and sexually conservative views on love, pointing out the advantages, disadvantages of both. And of course, as a moderate, she has haters on both sides, because the loudest critics are the ones that are fanatical about their views and cannot see any alternative.

She gets into some twitter shouting matches over the “magic number” of partners that it takes to make someone promiscuous. Susan Walsh – you seem like a good person that wont waste your time on such childish and petty matters, because they will have their haters. So I’ll do it for you. Hopefully some angry people will hate on me, my blog needs the publicity. Ready?

The Formula of Promiscuity: you are promiscuous (as a man or a woman) if you’ve had sex with more people than your age in years.

The formula is perfect. It accounts for age and the spikes in partners someone can experience in their college or post college years as a result of “finding themselves”. What you do with your promiscuity is up to you. do you label yourself empowered? Slutty? Confident? Experienced?

That is only up to YOU to decide.

EDIT: when looking at the comments of Susan Walsh’ post I realized that not many people share that view. However it is not about the number, it is about the kind of person you are. As an example, one of my best female friends (who is also dating one of my best male friends) has a “number” above the promiscuity line (and a far higher one than her boyfriend). Yet their love and loyalty for each other is incredibly strong (I would know, I’ve heard all their secrets since the relationship began), that it matters much more than an actual number. Any person would be lucky to be with this girl

On the flip side I have another female friend who has had far less sexual partners and is way below the promiscuity line, but the way she talks about using men and her gigantic bloated sense of entitlement would make her a nightmare girl and I wouldn’t recommend dating her to anyone (even though we are good friends).

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7 Responses to How many partners makes you promiscuous? Here is a definite formula

  1. clarence says:


    If we are going to get silly simplistic formulas- rather than look for clusters of behaviors- as to what makes one a slut, I modify your formula thusly:

    S: Slutty Factor; no. of sexual partners
    A: = Your age

    So : If S > A-14 congrats, you are a slut.

    I subtract 14 years, because I don’t think babyhood and all of pre-adolescence should count when you couldn’t be having sex in those years. I’d rather subtract 16 because of morals and my ideas on a decent but not too high AOC, but I’m being generous.

    Now you do know that some would claim that men can NEVER be sluts. Personally because it IS much harder for men to get poontang than for all but the ugliest or fattest of women, I’d be inclined to subtract 3 or 4 times 14 if you are a man. But I’m too lazy to revise the formula 🙂

  2. clarence says:

    Er, I mean I’d rather DIVIDE 14 by 2 or 3 , not subtract , lol

  3. Alkibiades says:

    Check out the Social Pathologist today for an interesting discussion on the female half of the equation.

  4. Tim says:

    @ Clarence Great formula! Makes perfect sense as well. I like the idea of the number of sex partners being greater than your age or even a fraction of your age as a way to measure your promiscuity. Though I imagine 40 partners being a lot,.. you couldnt possibly remember the names of all of them. I say promiscuous if: the # of partners is > your age – age of when you lost your virginity as a great formula. I still think its insane for someone to average a new partner every year for more than 20 years and not be promiscuous.

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  6. bharford says:

    Its about alot more than low numbers….for Petes sake.
    Some just dont get it.

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