Dear Players, Pimps, Pickup Artists – help your fellow man

I must admit, I have a love/hate relationship with the “seduction community”. After first reading the “Game” over two years ago, immersing myself in every single piece of pickup literature, trying to meet girls by the book, succeeding, failing, learning, remembering, being happy, being disappointed, stopping, starting again, meeting the girl who i thought was different, realizing that she was the same as the others, cold streaks, hot streaks – I have crammed a LOT of personal experience into a relatively small time frame. My experience is unique to me, but yet I have lots in common with lots of other men. Sometimes I share my experience with people and they can apply it to their lives, sometimes they just look at me funny (since that is obviously not applicable to them).

But all of my knowledge comes from a mix of personal experience and variable inputs. And that’s what less knowledgeable people need – a mix of inputs from people that know what they’re talking about.

Experienced guys – go out there and dispense some advice.

Now, we’re on the internet, so it’s hard to know who is telling the truth and who is bullshitting, so I wouldn’t waste time pumping up your E-credentials, you’ll always have non believers. And yes, there is a chance your advice will fall on deaf ears. But maybe, just maybe your input and experience will make someone think, learn, and acquire that experience on their own.

Example from NYC lair.

At one particular lair meeting, during the “question and answer session”, a shy looking indian kid said something that really threw the whole meeting for a surprise:

“it was weird, she invited me to her house to hang out, i wasn’t feeling it, so i left, what does it mean when a woman invites you into her house?”.

You can imagine how people reacted. Pretty much everyone in attendance called the kid a pussy, but then one kid in the back raised his hand and said something like “you did the right thing, I mean you’re a grown man, you can tell the difference between anxiety and possible danger. You felt a bit of the 2nd, and you got the fuck out of there. A friend of mine met a girl in a restaurant a few weeks ago and woke up in an empty hotel room with his cash and credit cards missing. We all knew the girl felt a bit shady but we didnt act on it and it cost us, so congrats on acting on your survival instinct”.

Noone said a thing after, I think the kid liked that commentary. .

To prove that I’m trying to help, heres my MASF profile and my Seddit profile

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5 Responses to Dear Players, Pimps, Pickup Artists – help your fellow man

  1. Solo says:

    Since Day one, I wanted to improve “my game” I didn’t think of myself as an authority figure, even though I probably had more experience then the average guy who joins the community.

    Next month it will be officially 2 years in the game for me. I can say that I’ve gone out with a handful of community guys(not just seduction community but the mack community as well). Even after being in it for 2 years I still make plenty of rookie mistakes, there still lots of room for improvement.

  2. Raliv says:

    Game has gone mainstream. Fat nerds living in their parents basements can learn theory at the click of a mouse. Are they going to apply it? Probably not.

    It is now a problem in the sexual arms race: tons of guys know a lot of theory and practice a little. But girls are adapting to it to weed out the unworthy.

    Game is personal. I’m figuring out what style of game works best for me. Trail and Error, Trail and Error.

  3. @Solo – a lot of times, experience trumps rookie mistakes. I mean honestly, I can say this about EVERY single time I’ve gotten laid: whatever worked has also failed spectacularly.

    @Raliv – agreed, it’s also extremely difficult for people to look at themselves from different perspectives. I looked back at some of my old forum posts (under a different name) and they make me look fucking pathetic. Speaking of practice and theory, I wonder how the people at my alma matter, a big tech school with lots of nerds, are handling this material. I graduated in 2005, before The Game and The Pickup Artist went mainstream. Should be worth a look

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