Manspiration Thursday – Ted Williams

It’s Thursday, time to be man-spired, and today we present to you arguably the greatest hitter in baseball history, but his badassery goes far beyond the baseball diamond – TED MOTHERFUCKING WILLIAMS.

Yes, I am talking about Ted Williams, the baseball player, and that’s him – with a military uniform.

Ted Williams led an extremely hardcore life:

  • Served 2 tours of duty in the United States military, one during WW2, the 2nd – during the Korean war. Despite being offered a cushy position on the service baseball team, Ted Williams’ maniness realized that there was only one thing in the military for someone with his near robotic vision and reflexes to do – fly planes. Yes – the greatest hitter in baseball served in the military, twice, during the prime years of his career, and bombed the shit out of people.
  • When a pretty girl asked him to autograph a baseball, the would include his hotel room number on it. Baller.
  • On the last day of the regular season in 1941, he had a .39955 batting average, which would round up to .400, a batting average that noone has hit for since 1931. All he had to do was to sit out a doubleheader, and the stat would be his. Williams refused to sit, saying “If I can’t hit .400 all the way, I don’t deserve it.”. He went 6 for 8 in the doubleheader, raising his batting average to .406. No one has hit for .400 since.
  • He took his little weekend hobby of fishing and became one of the best deep sea and fly fishermen on the planet. In fact Williams was named to the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame in 2000.
  • Having conquered life, Ted Williams set out to conquer death – he had himself cryogenically frozen. Yes, he is not done. Cyborg Ted Williams coming soon

Men like that simply don’t come around every day, yet men like that is who we all should aspire to be. But then again, what can you expect from a man named after Teddy Roosevelt.

So what has Alex Rodriguez done to fight terrorists?


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One Response to Manspiration Thursday – Ted Williams

  1. Virtual Sinner says:

    I believe that, strictly speaking, he did not bomb the shit out of people, he machine-gunned the shit out of people.

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