The greatest macking-pickup video of ALL TIME

In the days of  Game and people charging thousands of dollars for pickup seminars without  offering infield video proof of their abilities, or having  their “proof” be exposed as fraudulent, its rare to  see a video where you can actually learn something, without sifting through hours of bullshit.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present  to you the ballsiest  macks of all time.

“But Kid, none of these guys closed!!! They all got rejected! And The girls were all creeped out!

Yes, yes, and yes. But you’re missing the point. Do you think these guys gave a shit about approaching girls (potentially minors) at malls? No. Were these guys in any way affected by brutal rejections? No. Did they watch their tongue? No! They  demonstrated absolutely no anxiety, no attachment to expectations, superb cool and aloofness. I am willing to bet  that all of these guys are great  with women and, given a more relaxed environment  with less creepy openers, these guys would be absolutely unstoppable, guaranteed.

So check out this video, have a few good laughs, and bring some  fun and confidence back  into your game.

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3 Responses to The greatest macking-pickup video of ALL TIME

  1. That reminds me of those two guys from Sex Drive. “They can’t close, but their ability to open is fuckin’ heroic”:

  2. Solo says:

    Even though those guys did it as jokes, to have the balls to go up to girls and say some of the shit they did, they get my kudos, I know I couldn’t

  3. raliv says:

    agreed, Solo. If anything, having a huge pair of balls puts you in a different class altogether. Assanova and Tucker Max say the same.

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