Manspiration Thursday – David Xanatos

It’s Thursday, that means it’s time for Manspiration Thursdays! Now, I originally didn’t think I would include fictional characters here, especially animated ones, but as kids we’ve all watched cartoons, and they have all helped shape the way we are today. That’s why this week’s feature is none other than the lead antagonist of Disney’s Gargoyles cartoon – David Xanatos!

sinister face is sinister

Now, let’s review this man’s badass credentials shall we?

  • He is self made in his own special way (as a young man he received a gift of ancient coins, which he sold to get business startup capital – later you find out that he traveled back in time to set the whole thing in motion)
  • He laughs in the face of death
  • He finds victories everywhere
  • When his assistant reveals himself to be a trickster god  – he offers him immortality, or a lifetime of service, and Xanatos, convinced that he is such a badass that he can achieve immortality in 56 different ways, takes the service (I guess good help is hard to find)!

But really, what more can be said after watching this video:

Or better yet, watch this video below – it shows Xanatos, the Green Goblin and Lex Luthor dealing with minor setbacks. Yes, all 3 men are badasses, but the cartoon version of Lex Luthor acts like such a little crybaby that I almost expect him to go all Mel Gibson on his assistant.

Peep game, courtesy of David Xanatos and Norman Osborne.

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